All Hail Independence…


“Hey America, it’s your birthday… We’re going to party like it’s your birthday …[ Music inserted there for effect] hahaha Yes its july 4th Again, time to celebrate America’s independence and take a nice long weekend off work 🙂 It really does feel like it was just yesterday I was packing the car up with my american flag towel among other things…

So we can all agree time flies and whether you are leaving town for a getaway or lying low in the back yard ( with a grill full of sausages we hope) it’s always a good time to shop for some summer necessities, the things you thought you still had lying around from last year that you just can’t seem to find !

And why not shop ? It is after all America’s birthday and we ought to treat ourselves with a little present 🙂

Check out our summer fun products, towels, swimwear, sunglasses… you will want to set of fireworks three weekends running just to wear your new goodies!

A8 New York | Summer 



saddle up !

Not a sport to be taken lightly the professional sport of Rodeo arose from the working practices of cowboys in the United States, Mexico, Canada and south america.  Such public events showcased and tested the skills of the cowboys and cowgirls using various livestock. For me when I think of the Rodeo images of bucking horses ( was never a fan of that) and raging bucking bulls yeeehaaaa

Whether or not you have witnessed such an event we have  limited edition photographs by renowned German Photographer Holger Eckstein from his rodeo series. They are very impressive if I don’t say so myself and from someone who has no particular interest in Rodeo itself these images capture the strength and emotion of both beast and human.

For the cowboy in every man.

 A8 New York | Rodeo


Two wheels

Yes that’s right, if you don’t yet own a bicycle I’m afraid to say but get with the program and please order yourself one for summer city exploring and island hopping !

Now by island I mean the ground right under our feet! You can bike from Manhattan to Brooklyn, Manhattan to Randall’s island – the cool spot for art and music  just a short ride from the upper east side. This year hosting events such as the Frieze Art Fair  and  Governors ball music festival . Easily accessible by Bike of course ! Once you get brave we then have Staten island… ( they do have bike paths ) if nothing much else 🙂

Brooklyn cruisers, made in Brooklyn for exactly that.. cruising.

A8 New York | 2 wheels 


Tis the season..



Wedding season that is! As far as I can gather it runs from early April through until october, now I can think of another season that shares these months also… SUMMER!!!

Whatever the season we are just pleased it is warmer and the sight of fur ( no you didn’t !) coats and woolly hats and thick socks are a thing of the past ( well until wedding season is over that is !)

Now with weddings a plenty, you need to look the part and stand out from the well dressed crowd!

We have you covered with both ties and pocket squares in new summer colors by Gentleman Arthur. You can even choose from past american presidents with a selection of pocket squares with silhouettes of JFK, George Washington and Abe Lincoln ! Definitely a conversation starter should you need one 🙂

Don’t forget wedding gifts too and if you are planning a wedding yourself don’t forget parties favors for your guests to fight over, not to mention wedding gifts, gifts for the bridal party…  phew!

In fact talking about weddings co – founder Samuel Wagner, is planning his own wedding right now ! We want to wish congratulations and no doubt the groomsmen will be decked out in a colorful palate of Gentleman Arthur’s finest .

A8 New York | The go to for wedding season

a8ny0362-gentleman-arthur-bespoke-tie a8ny0363-gentleman-arthur-blue-tie


Coachella.. California is calling…


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It’s that time of the year again when music fans, fashionistas, celebs and everyone in between gather for a weekend of music and arts in the hot Californian desert. The annual event sells out within minutes and the lineup gains strength year after year.

If you are making the trip from New York or out wonder you may need a designer tent to stand out in the crowd perhaps?

You will definitely need a travel skincare pack, some underwear and most probably a beach towel! We have everything you could need to be coachella ready !

A8 New York | Shop for Coachella 

Spring Fever ..


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Spring is here!!! Three words I have been fantasizing about saying for a few months now. Yes the New York Winter is bout over and it’s time to shed the layers ( shudder) and get ready for a long hot summer ( another fantasy).


So it’s time to make a spring wish list and get geared up for the warmer months ahead. It’s also time to take care of your skin which has been hidden under layers of clothing and dried out by the dry cold weather.. yup spring is a busy time and we have all the goods to get you started !

To start with we have the perfect skincare kit to get you looking spring ready, by Fig & Yarrow . The Kit is perfectly sized for travel too.


Then for summer camping and when your friends rent that amazing house at the Hampton’s but don’t save you a room we have that covered too! Super cool designer tents by Fieldcandy. Perfect for any backyard, any concert camping field or some people have even been known to pitch them in the living room! Check these beauties out !


Then for fun and games, a must for spring is a Leatherhead sports football!!! Every man needs one !


And that is just the beginning!!! Browse through “all products” and dream of summer days ahead… soon It will be time to buy beach towels and board shorts!!! But one season at a time 🙂

A8 New York | Spring Ready 

Little Green Men…

Yes it’s that time of the year again, when the city and all surrounding towns and suburbs turn green to celebrate all things Irish. Traditionally one of the drunkest holidays of the calendar year it seems almost everyone can find a trace of irish in them on this very day.


Growing up I remember my dad wearing his green shirt ( the only green shirt in his closet) to the office and I would spend hours scouring the paddocks of grass for the one lucky 4 leafed clover in the patch. We had a quite a collection of dried ones ( you keep them for good luck of course) none of which were mine I come to realize haha


Anyway in New York city my past experiences of St Patrick’s day have been avoiding all bars or pubs from 11 am onwards and accepting that all short men on this day think they are leprechaun’s :)-  the diminutive fairy traditionally celebrated in tales that go way back.

However you wish to celebrate, or not I suggest in order to get in the spirit you treat yourself to a traditional meal of Bangers and mash !! Schaller & Weber make a damn good banger especially for this purpose and perfect for this day – check them out here !!!




A8 New York | All things Green

Testing Manhood


That is just how our latest featured brand LUMBERJUAN got started. Proving to his woman that he could indeed build a kitchen table with his own hands ( Macho hands that is pumping with Mexican blood) and succeeding at the task so it was a new business was born .


Using reclaimed timber mixed with various metals such as plumbing pipes and steel LUMBERJUAN is ( as described on the very cool website) “a bespoke, bare knuckled approach to reclaimed wood furniture”.

Handcrafted in New York . Naturally.





We love supporting locally made natural products so we are pleased to announce a new brand on Board at A8 New York ALDER NEW YORK . A menswear and Apothecary brand based in Brooklyn and launched in 2011.

The star product as far as we are concerned is the Natural hair powder, an alternative to talc and all natural it is the ideal traveling item for when you need to freshen up your hair and scalp and a shower is just not an option 🙂 With summer on the way and long days at the beach, music festivals, camping it is the perfect item to carry in your toiletries bag or sit on the vanity in your beach house 🙂

Hair powder has long been a hair stylists trick on photo shoots and movie sets used to add volume to limp hair and to absorb product or oil in order to style with more texture. Now becoming a popular must have product with aerosol versions appearing in urban outfitters and all drug stores. What we love so much about ALDER is it’s all natural and it comes in an old school 100% recycled glass bottle, a perfect marriage of style and functionality.

Perfect for all hair types – short or long, guys or girls it’s a must have for the new season.  A great gift too! Available in two scents.

Shop now at A8 New York .

Pictured Below David J. Krause and Nina Zilka Founders of Alder New York .

nina and david of Alder New York

Need an excuse to buy a Rolex?

Then we have you covered !

a8ny0136-341537077As a special limited promotion offer A8 New York will gift a Watch winder worth $949.00   with every purchase of a Blaken Rolex Watch .

Now one cannot exist without the other in our opinion, after all such a watch must be on time and we busy New Yorkers don’t have spare minutes to adjust the date and time   on each occasion we wish to wear the divine piece. Life literally is too short and that is another reason you NEED to spoil yourself and take advantage of this great offer!


Exclusive to A8 New York – Blaken – Worn by Gentleman